Palo santo kit
It is our passion to connect people with their own power by helping them set the right intention and visualize their desires. This new home kit is made with love, to your all big starts to help you with a relaxing ritual with this sage bundle & palo santo sticks to increase your energy and wellbeing. 

Palo santo kit

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This gift box included

  • Palo santo holder
  • 3 palo santo premium center cuts 


PALO SANTO (translated from Spanish as “sacred tree”, “holly wood”) is a sacred tree of South America.

Attraction to its aroma is a sign of spiritual purity.

For thousands of years it has been used as an effective and powerful tool for purifying the energy of space and objects, for raising the vibrations of a person and elevating the soul above the earthly plane.

Its properties are often compared to sage.

It has an amazing aroma, which is difficult to compare with something familiar: sweet and spicy at the same time, with a slight hint of incense, sometimes as if slightly citrus, and at the same time fresh, light, with an admixture of floral notes.

The smell of Palo Santo is special, it calms the mind and creates a cozy atmosphere in the house.