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Say hello to our coveted new range of Ritual Items, curated exclusively for you.

PaloSanto Egypt was founded under a new moon in 2021 ,PaloSanto Egypt has been quietly attracting a cult-following of Modern Mystics with its alluring range of spiritually-considered offerings. Known for their refined, quality pieces and intuitive process of creation, PaloSanto Egypt creates timeless pieces intended to be treasured everyday while nourishing your soul for years to come.


We believe deeply in the importance of a nurturing and harmonious surrounding in which to lay our foundations and grow. Our deep appreciation for the aesthetic is based in the intrinsic understanding that our outer world is a reflection of our inner world, and that everything holds and emits energy. What we surround ourselves with is truly reflective of who we are on a soul level, how we value ourselves and how we wish to show up in the world.