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Introducing our stunning mini chiminea, a functional yet elegant design that will add character and style to your space. This versatile burner allows for the Palo Santo aroma or any types of smudges to fume freely, creating a calming and peaceful atmosphere in your home.

Not only is it perfect for burning incense, Palo Santo, and sage wands, but it is also ideal for cone type incense or tea light-sized candles. It can be used as a stunning decor piece on a side table or shelf, adding a touch of sophistication to any room.


Our mini chiminea is handcrafted by Egyptian sculptors and clay artisans, using locally sourced clay. This makes each piece unique, as no two pieces are the same. We take pride in supporting local artists and preserving the traditional craftsmanship of Egypt.

How to use 

To use, simply place your chosen smudge or incense inside the chimney of the mini chiminea, and light it up. Allow the smoke to diffuse, filling the room with the pleasant scent of Palo Santo or your preferred smudge. You can also place a tea light or cone incense at the base of the burner for a different effect.

Since one of the most important and necessary points to meditate is to focus attention, that is, to focus on the mind, successful meditation cannot be done in cases where this is not possible most of the time. But this product dominates thoughts and helps one to concentrate very easily.

This palo santo holder is created by stoneware clay, then fired at 1100° C in the ceramic kiln.
Available in 2 sizes 

size 1
↕ Height: 16 cm 

↕ Width: 10cm"

Size 2
↕ Height: 25cm
↕ Width: 12 cm 

Note: This price is for a palo santo holder, palo santo sticks are not included

this beauties are available in mountain beige and charcoal black

2 diffrent sizes 

Get your hands on our mini chiminea, and add a touch of elegance and relaxation to your living space.