Palo Santo wood sticks
Palo Santo wood sticks
Palo Santo wood sticks
We are incredibly pleased to present a unique product on the Egyptian market - everyone's favorite PALO SANTO. For thousands of years it has been used as an effective and powerful tool for purifying the energy of space and objects, for raising the vibrations of a person and elevating the soul above the earthly plane. Product characteristics Bar length: ~10 cm Species: Bursera Graveolens Party year: 2021

Palo Santo wood sticks

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What is Palo Santo?

PALO SANTO (translated from Spanish as “sacred tree”, “holly wood”) is a sacred tree of South America.

Attraction to its aroma is a sign of spiritual purity.

For thousands of years it has been used as an effective and powerful tool for purifying the energy of space and objects, for raising the vibrations of a person and elevating the soul above the earthly plane.

Its properties are often compared to sage.

It has an amazing aroma, which is difficult to compare with something familiar: sweet and spicy at the same time, with a slight hint of incense, sometimes as if slightly citrus, and at the same time fresh, light, with an admixture of floral notes.

The smell of Palo Santo is special, it calms the mind and creates a cozy atmosphere in the house.


What is the difference between "Palo Santo PREMIUM" (wild center) and ''regular'' Palo Santo?

PREMIUM Palo Santo sticks are extremely rare and available in limited quantities. They are harvested only from the branches of fallen trees that have never touched the ground. For many years they were washed by rains and absorbed the energy of the tropical sun, but never came into contact with the processes of decay. This is what contributes to the fact that Palo Santo premium quality has such an amazing aroma, cleansing and healing properties, strong, clean and light energy.

PREMIUM sticks are heavy and juicy, often in resin. They are impregnated with oil, hiss when burned and exude a stronger and more pronounced aroma. Some sticks literally shine and shimmer in the sun like crystals.

PREMIUM sticks burn longer and produce much more smoke than regular quality Palo Santo, promote deep immersion in practice and meditation. This wand will last many times longer. Even with very active fumigation, one sliver can last for several months.


Why you should buy Palo Santo from us?

PALOSANTO.EGYPT is the first certified and largest wholesale supplier of Palo Santo in Egypt.

We guarantee the best quality and the lowest prices in the region!

Our company only works with small farms that invest in Palo Santo reforestation and harvest in an ethical way.

We treat Palo Santo with deep respect and gratitude at every stage of the process that helps this sacred tree to get from the depths of the Peruvian selva to your hands and home. And we sincerely believe that this contributes to the preservation of the spirit of the tree in its original purity and goodness.

By purchasing Palo Santo only from trusted and trusted vendors, you are helping reforestation in  Ecuador and Peru.


When to Light a Palo Santo:

- when you arrive in a new place, hotel, apartment;
- before any event, lesson, lecture or just a reception of friends and guests;
- when you feel depressed and there are no objective reasons for such a mood;
- when you bought a new piece of jewelry, an item (especially stones, crystals, plants). 


Medical indications for use:

- cough, diseases of the upper respiratory tract;
- headaches and migraines;
- anxiety and depression;
- to calm the nervous system.

How to use Palo Santo?

Today, many people understand how important it is to periodically conduct an energy cleansing of the house. Because the cleansing of energy, whether it be from the negativity of previous residents, guests, or after a family quarrel, is vital to maintaining peace, tranquility and happiness in your home. As for the cleansing process itself, everything is simple here:

1. Being in a calm and friendly state, set fire to one end of the stick from a live fire (candles or matches).

2. Remove the stick from the source of fire, allowing it to flare up until a smoldering coal forms at the end of the stick.

3. Extinguish the flame by moving your hand in the air. If you don’t have enough smoke, blow up a smoldering ember or set fire to a sliver again.

4. Use the smoke of Palo Santo at your discretion. With a smoldering sliver, in circular or just smooth movements, draw around yourself, arms, head, legs, objects whose energy you would like to clear. If you are cleaning an apartment, a house, a room, be sure to walk around the entire perimeter in a clockwise direction, starting from the front door and pay special attention to all corners where negative energy most often accumulates.

5. Place the wand on a fireproof surface: in a traditional abalone shell or on a ceramic/stone stand. Before leaving, make sure that the wand is completely extinguished.

Store in a cool and dry place in a sealed container.


History and properties of the sacred tree. 

Palo Santo has been used for thousands of years in Peru and Ecuador by shamans and healers. The Incas used this plant for ritual fumigation of space in order to get rid of evil spirits and the negativity they brought. The smoke of the Palo Santo tree is grounding and induces a sense of calm, helping to let go of negative feelings. Adjusts, protects and harmonizes energy. Items made from this tree also have similar powers, which is why Palo Santo was often used to make protective charms and amulets. The sliver can also be carried in a bag, pocket or pouch around the neck, can be stored in the linen closet or in the drawer where you keep your sacred objects on the altar. The aroma of Palo Santo has a positive effect, it can provide energy protection, remove negative energy, lift the spirit, or simply relieve a headache. The world-famous Ayahuasca ritual-mystery has always been accompanied by the unique aroma of Palo Santo. It was believed that there is no better protection against everything negative than this smell, which protects from troubles, cleansing and filling with warmth.

Ground Palo Santo is used as an aphrodisiac. It is believed that its aroma is able to replenish energy, fill with love for each other, strengthen relationships on a spiritual level. It's not just about the relationship between a man and a woman. Palo Santo can improve relationships in general by filling them with warm feelings. Today, the Sacred Tree attracts scientists with its composition, which includes substances that can resist cancer. This sacred tree is a real miracle, possessing light magical power.