Rose of jericho

Rose of jericho

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This is a truly amazing plant and one of my favourites. The Rose of Jericho, also known as the Resurrection Plant, as well as many others, as you might have guessed, able to bring itself back to life after being dormant for years without water or even light.

It is this amazing gift of resurrection that makes the Rose of Jericho so magical and enchanting to work with. Simply add your plant to a bowl of shallow water, and within a few hours it will have unfurled its vibrant green fern like leaves.

Now what magical uses has this plant got for you, well, loads and they are amazing! The Rose of Jericho is known to being peace, abundance & prosperity to wherever it resides. As well as this, it can also protect your home from all types of negativity and bad vibrations.

How to use this plant :
So, when you receive your new little plant, firstly take a few minutes to hold it and form a connection. Then pop it in a bowl or deep plate, with only enough water to cover the bottom of the plant (too much will likely cause your plant to go mouldy and rot). Keep it at a nice temperature, not to warm or cold, and not in direct sunlight. Every few days change the water for fresh - but keep the water for use in spells, rituals and washes.

To being prosperity and abundance to you & your home, add a couple of coins to the water bowl, placed under your Rose of Jericho. Don't worry, you wont harm it. When you change the water, simply keep the water in a marked jar, and presto, prosperity water! For a little extra boost you can also add some dried herbs and essential oils to the mix. Spray a little water on your wallet, lottery ticket or maybe your cash register at your business. Anything you want to draw in wealth.

Another use for the water is to spray it around your windows and doors. It is amazing for keeping out those unwanted negative energies, much like sage, but without setting the smoke alarms off! Spray around your door to invite positive vibrations and peace into your home, business or place of work. Again, you can add some dries herbs and essential oils to make the water more potent.

You can also use the water to anoint your tools and candles before spells and rituals. This will offer protection and blessings to all your spell work.

It is recommended to let your Rose of Jericho have a rest every few weeks. Simply remove from the water and place on the side to fully dry out. When your ready, just add the plant to a little water, and your off again!